Vanja Djuric – Editor and Contributor
Vanja is the Director of Analytics at the Taylor Institute. She is actively engaged in teaching, consultancy and management of projects within the areas of Market Research, Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Multivariate and Complex Data Analyses. She is very passionate about analytics and hopes to spread that passion to every student that goes through her class, because she strongly believes that everyone will be faced with making decisions based on data.

Jacob Farrar – Contributor
Jacob joined the Gary L. and Karen S. Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing in June of 2013 and is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Institute. Additionally, Jacob develops the Institute’s strategic plan and furthers its mission to develop direct/interactive marketing business leaders through education, research, and outreach. Jacob is a champion of experiential learning and is responsible for developing the programs that prepare and inspire students at the University of Akron as they prepare to be the next generation of marketers.

Sarah Wright – Contributor
A Graduate Assistant at The Taylor Institute who works directly with Vanja Djuric in Marketing Research and Analytics for the Taylor Institute Labs. She is working towards getting her MBA with a focus in Marketing Research and Business Analytics. She plans on working toward her Ph.D. after graduating from Akron.

Celebrity Lookalike?
Elizabeth Olsen

Alex Siminoff – Contributor
Alex is a freshman, studying Integrated Marketing Communications and marketing management with a minor in entrepreneurship. His main function at the Taylor Institute is writing content based articles for the blog, as well as working the front desk. In his free time, Alex enjoys playing soccer or playing FIFA 16 on the Xbox one.

Where is Alex from?
New Jersey.