I’ll admit it . . . I don’t feel like a very good writer.

I will also admit that because I feel inadequate as a writer, I have a hard time looking for opportunities to express myself in the written word. However, in this current age of content marketing, email marketing, text messaging, social media, and good old-fashioned copywriting, being a good writer is a skill that is necessary for every marketer. To be able to marry marketing strategy with the ability to communicate effectively allows messages to rise above the everyday clutter that inundates our lives. As the Director of the Taylor Institute, it is not only my job, but also my passion, to develop opportunities for students to grow and develop skills that will be beneficial to them for their life after the University of Akron. Communicating effectively with words is a skill that will benefit every student during their time here and also the many years to come after they leave.

This semester the Taylor Institute is very fortunate to partner with an organization called NectarOM and their website MarketingPersonalization.com. Over the last year we have been in discussion with this organization to develop an opportunity where students at the University of Akron can help develop content to be posted on MarketingPersonalization.com. We are very excited about this opportunity and excited to announce that we are one of only three universities chosen to participate in their Collegiate Writers Program. Along with students from Northwestern University and the University of North Texas, four students from the University of Akron will be able to develop, contribute and publish original content for MarketingPersonalization.com. The content will come through the unique opportunity to interview professional marketers and then write in-depth articles about those interviews.

Throughout the semester our students will gain valuable experience writing on the trends that are affecting marketing and marketing leaders for some of today’s most well-known brands. In addition, our students will be able to add to their professional connections, add content to their portfolio, and most importantly, continue to develop their writing skills. As Andre Wong, our main contact at NectarOM indicates, “MarketingPersonalization.com is a testing ground of sorts for students to explore new topics in digital marketing and get a feel for publishing original marketing content.” Wong further clarifies the specifics of the program, “the student writers will be expected to submit one article per month to MarketingPersonalization.com, where their work will be revised and edited for content and clarity. Students will be given guidance throughout the content creation process and given access to support materials to increase the quality and reach of their work.”

In doing a quick Google search of the most important skills marketers should have, many of the search results featured lists that included the ability to write and communicate effectively to both internal stake holders and external customers. Participating in The Collegiate Writers Program this semester will definitely provide our students with the opportunities and forum to showcase their written communication skills. We will also be featuring some “behind the scenes” posts from our student writers on our blog – Where Theory Meets Practice – showcasing their experiences in meeting some of the marketing executives they will be interviewing. Be sure to look for those posts in the near future. We are very excited about our participation in the program and truly feel that our students are not only going to benefit from this opportunity, but they are going to shine.

By: Jacob Farrar