By: Courtney Driscoll-

Last week the Taylor Institute had the honor of facilitating a research study conducted by University of Akron alum, Alexa Fox. Alexa completed her Bachelor’s Degree in International Business in 2009 and then returned to Akron to complete her MBA, with a concentration in Strategic Marketing, graduating in 2010. She is now completing her Ph.D. in Marketing at The University of Memphis.


She is working on her dissertation and is conducting a study focusing on user-generated content online. She met with students from The University of Akron and presented them with reviews that consumers had written in the hopes of understanding the student’s perception and how they process the content. There was also a survey portion to see how students felt about the different reviews and if they found them to be helpful.

Alexa was joined by her husband Joe Fox, who works for iMotions (@iMotionsGlobal). This company supplied the eye tracking software and equipment Alexa used in the study. She can use these tools to track eye movements and record facial expressions. This helps her to really understand the emotions of the student while they are reading the reviews.


Next she showed a specific movie trailer and asked students to write down a piece of their own content, like a tweet they would share regarding the trailer. Alexa expressed that she has always had an interest in how people communicate with one another. She refers to user-generated content as a “true” or “real” form of communication as opposed to something that might be company sponsored.

It was great having Alexa back on Akron’s campus and we wish her the best of luck as she finishes up her last year at the University of Memphis and then moves into her full-time position at Ohio University.