Meet former IMC major Jackie Slack, spring 2013 graduate.

1. What is your current role and the company you are working for?

I’m working as an Account Strategist at Google. I’m an AdWords Expert (AdWords is Google’s advertising platform) and I mainly work with small and medium sized businesses. I work day to day with clients helping them better understand their return on investment, how to better optimize their advertising campaigns with Google, and ultimately how to make their marketing goals prosper with Google’s many products.

2. As a former IMC Major, how did it prepare you for your current career?

Being an IMC major prepared me for the business world in a way that I couldn’t understand while I was attending school. Simply understanding business language and the fundamentals of marketing helps me to connect with the small businesses I work with each day. Being able to think like a marketer helps me to put myself in my client’s shoes. This ultimately helps me to be a better problem solver, advisor and educator for Google and our clients.

3. Were there any classes that had a direct impact on your career and why?

Yes, Marketing Principles 101. I took this class with Greg Dumont and decided after the first week that I had to change my major to marketing. Here was the passion I had been missing! I always knew I wanted to go into business but finding the right specialty was the hard part. That class made it easy. Then, I had the pleasure of entering into the world of the Taylor Institute and there was no looking back.

4. What skills or experience should be included in the curriculum that would prepare students for a career in IMC?

Greater exposure to business professionals. My advice to students would be to place yourself in as many networking settings as you possibly can. It not only helps build your network but helps to teach you how to conduct yourself as a business person.

5. Do you have a favorite Taylor Institute memory or experience?

I always loved being able to walk into such a nice environment and call it my own. The Taylor really felt like home during college. One of my favorite memories was playing around with the huge white board/projection screen in what used to be Vanja’s office. I always loved that the Taylor wanted to be technologically relevant. I think that is so important in the business world.

6. Was there something about your Taylor Institute experience that made studying at the University of Akron particularly meaningful or beneficial?

Yes, the Taylor was my family! The people in this organization really made me feel like part of a community. I knew they always had my best interests in mind. From the amazing teachers and staff to the students and lessons, I will always look back fondly at my time in the Institute.