With the big game (Super Bowl LII for those living under a rock) only days away, the focus of the media usually centers on two things – the teams on the field and the advertisers willing to shell out a record $5 million for 30 seconds of ad time. To increase the buzz about ads and to give me something to write about, several ads have already been released in anticipation. Thanks to the power of the internet, and a shout out to AdWeek, I have found 5 teasers for ads you need to keep an eye out for this Sunday. Interesting enough, this year some brands that have been regular Super Bowl staples are sitting out. This begs the question of how will this impact the quality of this year’s commercials?

1. Amazon

Huge anticipation for this one. Jeff Bezos is making his debut, starring in this spot for the world’s largest retailer that centers around Alexa losing her voice. What in the world will happen next?! This ad is full of mystery. I’m already looking forward to seeing the full ad on Super Bowl Sunday.

2. Budweiser

Warning – this is the full ad and it will generate emotion.

Budweiser pulls out the big guns in this tear-jerking spot aimed at the hurricane relief efforts from 2017. Budweiser’s ad last year was impactful, and they have followed it up brilliantly with this new spot.

3. Skittles

Just like Amazon, Skittles leaves you guessing as to what’s going to happen next. This teaser is not only hilarious but super suspenseful and ironically the full spot is not going to be shown to the viewing audience. Huh? What can this commercial possibly be? With $5 million on the line – hopefully, it pays off.

4. M&Ms

M&M’s takes a different approach to promote its bite-sized chocolate snacks. What is more appealing than an actor floating in a chocolate pool dressed in as an M&M? I’ll wait for the full version.

5. Tostitos

And finally, Tostitos ditched the traditional TV spot for this year’s big game and hit a home run with a “create-your-own/DIY” video is sure to get some well-spent brand buzz. Aimed at Super Bowl party hosts, Tostitos has created an ad platform that allows you to make your own ad, like so.

It’s a Super Bowl ad for my Super Bowl party!

That’s right. Even you (dear reader) can get one.

Who needs Facebook event page when you can make your own ad featuring Carlton/the guy from America’s Funniest Videos? Want to make your own Super Bowl ad? Try it for yourself here.

What brands are you looking forward to seeing on Super Bowl Sunday? Let me know in the comments!

By: Alex Siminoff @alexsiminoff