For the Spring semester of 2018, the first week of class is over, and oddly enough, we are already on to the second week. This semester, I’m taking six classes for a total of 18 credits, with a majority of them being classes in related to either my major or required classes in the College of Business Administration here at The University of Akron. They are Marketing and Sales Analytics, International Business, Digital Marketing, Principles of Finance, New Venture Creation, and Unclass: Coding the Market. I am really excited about the semester, as I feel that I am now getting into the subjects I am most passionate about as it pertains to both business and marketing. I’ll get into the details for each below and why I am looking forward to each of them and for the overall semester.

Marketing and Sales Analytics
I’m looking forward to this class because it involves analytics. While I have taken Business Analytics in a previous semester, this course is geared more towards a marketing focus. We’re going to be working with Tableau and Google Analytics – software applications I know I will want to use in my future career

As for expectations for this semester, since I’m already Google Analytics certified, I’m hoping to expand my knowledge of the platform. I also want to learn how to use the popular software, Tableau. This class should give me a better understanding of data & analytics and how to comprehend it and definitely help set me up for a great internship this summer

International Business
Immediately after class started, I loved the class. It’s a mixture of a history and business class, at least right now. The professor is energetic and full of information. This is definitely a class I look forward to attending.

For one of the first big assignments, the professor is expecting us to memorize almost all of the countries of the world. Rather than focus on this as busy work, I am looking at this as an exercise to become a better global citizen and be able to at least know of countries other than those found in this hemisphere. I’ll also expect to walk away from this course with an understanding of how the business world works internationally. One of the ways I will do this is through weekly assignments about articles found through reading the Wall Street Journal.

Digital Marketing
This class is right up my alley and that I am looking forward to the most. While I am not expecting it to be too difficult, it will allow me to expand on the skills I’m already good at and that I have acquired from my internship this past summer and fall semester. I look forward to working on the social media simulation and the Google AdWords group project for a local client in the Akron area.

Since this class is about digital marketing, I feel very confident. I am also looking forward to the various professionals that will be coming in and speaking in class, and learning more about SEO, paid search, email marketing, from the point of view of those that manage this in the real world. I look forward to putting my skills to test in the class.


Principles of Finance
Rumor has it that this class is hard and not enjoyable. However, after one week, my professor seems great so far, and I’ve recently grown very interested in the financial world. Don’t you want to be able to control your financial future?

Stocks are a great asset to own, especially if you know how to manage them properly. I look forward to learning that in this class, and also more ways to grow my financial intelligence. I am also curious to find out if the professor includes any content in cryptocurrency since the topic is both intriguing and all over the news. It will also be a test to determine if those in academia are keeping up to date with current events.

New Venture Creation
New Venture is the next step in my efforts to earn an Entrepreneurship minor. This class should be challenging, but I Know I will learn a lot. I like the professor immensely, and he always has interesting stories to tell.

I want to be able to expand the efforts I am putting into my startup (shameless plug) with the knowledge I have from this class. It’s basically a step-by-step walkthrough of launching a startup.

Unclass: Coding the Market
This isn’t quite your ordinary class. It’s designed to merge Computer Science majors with students in majors in the College of Business. We will be working on client projects, but also creating a course for the future called “Coding for Non-Coders” for future students at the university.

I hope to learn how to work better in a team from vastly different educational backgrounds. In marketing (in the real world) these days, it seems that more and more, marketers are working with programmers either on creating websites, mobile apps, or even databases to capture and store customer data. This class should really help develop the skill to work and communicate with future coworkers that may use a different side of the brain than I typically use. I also hope it will teach me some of the basics of coding.


In addition to a full slate of classes, I am planning on going to a bunch of extracurricular activities offered on campus, either through the university or the Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing. We have an awesome Lunch with an Innovator speaker series hosted by the institute as well as a tour scheduled for the Marketing department at Goodyear. Also, whenever there’s an outside event pertaining to an area of interest, I usually attend, like the eBay Retail Revival launch event last week here in Akron.

By: Alex Siminoff @alexsiminoff