In his last Alex’s App Review of the semester, Alex Siminoff reviews a quartet of Christmas mobile apps that will surely get any Scrooge into the holiday spirit.

Here are the apps featured in this week’s episode:

1. Christmas Countdown 2017 – This event countdown app provides an inspirational holiday quote and activity suggestion to get you ready for the holiday.
2. Video Santa – This app is exactly what it sounds like – an app that lets you video chat with Saint Nick.
3. Christmas Sweeper 3 – a mobile game with a Christmas theme.
4. Messages from Santa – a texting app that lets you communicate directly with Santa via text. Plus, you can also put someone directly on the Naughty List.

As an added bonus or a Christmas present from Alex, he also reviews his mobile app – Impulse. Impulse is a crowdsourcing app that gives you the opportunity to get anonymous feedback from 100 random people. Think of it as Tinder for decision making.

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