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Apple ads are iconic. Apple is Iconic. Apple.

No, but really. Apple and their ad agency partner create some of the most memorable ads. They are hip, current, and have an X factor to them that makes them stand out in the clutter of everyday life.

Off topic, but one interesting thing worth pointing out is that Apple doesn’t tweet. Instead, they run ads.


Okay back on topic. I’ve picked my Top 5 Apple ads and even left a few noteworthy ones off the list. There are so many high-quality and memorable Apple ads, but I only had five spots. Let’s get to it.

One thing that distinguishes Apple’s ads is their choice of music. Take this one for example:

1. iPhone 7 + AirPods — Stroll — Apple

Now that’s a unique way to show off a new product. I was dancing along with the guy without a care in the world. And those AirPods look sick and I knew I had to have them (hint, hint – Christmas is around the corner).

2. Apple Commercial: Frankies Holiday Open Your Heart To Everyone

Speaking of Christmas, this ad debuted around the holiday period last year and remains one of the best ads Apple has released.

All Frankie wanted was to be included. This ad tugged at your heartstrings. I enjoyed the holiday setting and Christmas spirit this ad has. All it takes is for one person to stand up to make a difference.

3. Apple Watch Series 3 + Apple Music — Roll — Apple

Roll highlights the key features of Apple Music and the new Apple Watch Series 3. And of course, AirPods.

Music game 💯. If I had AirPods and the new Apple Watch, could I do that? Sold. I love the integration of Apple Music with the Apple Watch Series 3, and both of those with AirPods.

4. Apple Holiday TV Commercial – Misunderstood

It’s still only November and people are already going crazy about Christmas. Is Thanksgiving becoming the forgotten holiday? Anyways, this commercial is a bit older but still makes the Top 5.

This ad highlights the positive side of a common complaint of older generations – excessive phone use by young people. And of course, Apple makes it work, and in the end, tears are shed. It’s magic. Or just a good ad.

5. iPhone 7 Plus — Barbers — Apple

In this spot, Apple is specifically focusing on the iPhone 7 Plus’s awesome new feature, portrait mode. I love how they came up with a whole commercial for just one specific feature.

Such a simple ad. Such a simple message. The iPhone camera is superior to all – in my opinion.

Honorable mention:

The all-new Apple Music.

It’s a commercial, about making a commercial. James Corden stars in this wildly humorous ad featuring Apple Music. His ideas are solid. He might have a future as a Creative Director.

And that’s my Top 5. What are your favorite Apple ads?

Apple did not pay me to write this ad, I just like commercials and Apple happens to like them too.

By: Alex Siminoff @alexsiminoff