This week on Alex’s App Review – There’s a new social media app in town! Captioned allows users to create multimedia videos up to 60 seconds that will mix photos, GIFs, video clips, and audio into one beautiful and shareable creation. It was just released on the App Store on October 10th. Here are Alex’s thoughts this cool app.

Captioned is designed to mix different types of visual and audio content to create a unique piece for sharing on social media — including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. According to a recent article from, “Data and growing industry trends suggest that 74 percent of internet traffic comes from video.” Captioned aims to make it easy for users to create video content that incorporates a variety of different media types. Currently, it is only available for IOS users.

Check out our review and download Captioned and share some of your videos with us – we would love to share them with our followers.

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