Last semester, Where Theory Meets Practice started a blog feature called The ADVantage. Advertising, Positioning, Branding – It’s all about creating the “advantage” of your brand versus your competitor. The ADVantage blog posts will be primarily focused on reviewing all sorts of product advertisements. Good ads, bad ads, old and new ads, some print, some TV commercials, and even some gorilla. Here is our first ADVantage post for the semester looks at TV spot from earlier this year for Samsung, called Ostrich.

If you thought Ostriches couldn’t fly, think again. Leo Burnett created this spot for Samsung, promoting their Gear VR headset. It was played during the Samsung event in NYC, introducing the new Galaxy S8 and S8 plus.

Samsung had previously promoted their VR headsets, but never like this.

The use of an ostrich was a perfect metaphor for Samsung as a company. AdWeek summed it up perfectly, saying, “The ostrich, clearly, is perfect, both as a creature that might fulfill its own destiny via VR and as a metaphor for Samsung itself — a grounded bird that’s become a bit of a joke, but could soar if it only just believes.”

The ad is cute, quirky, and clever. Who would have thought an ostrich would be in a VR commercial? The best ads tell a story. Leo Burnett nailed this story.


The copy at the end of the commercials is memorable. Quite frankly, it’s pretty damn inspiring. In fact, it’s innovative. Apple beware, Samsung stepped up their game, big time. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are things of beauty. I’m pretty sure it’s the reason that Apple shot for the fences with their new Apple X.

Overall, the ad is very entertaining. It catches your attention and it’s effective. Samsung needed this after the whole Note debacle.


Grade: A-

I loved this Samsung Ad. The ostrich was the perfect spokesperson for Samsung. It’s timely, relevant, and a unique way to promote Samsung’s Gear VR. Well done Leo Burnett.

By: Alex Siminoff – @alexsiminoff