Over the last 8 months, the Taylor Institute has been posting a series of videos featuring Alex Siminoff, an IMC major at the University of Akron, reviewing various mobile apps. Those videos have been posted to the Institute’s YouTube channel. We have decided this year to also post them on Where Theory Meets Practice. Check out our YouTube channel for the rest of the videos. There are certainly some gems you want to check out.

This week, Alex reviews the mobile app Slack, the communication and collaboration app. Slack creates alignment and shared understanding across teams, allowing your team to be more productive, less stressed, and way more organized. Think of Slack as a comprehensive Facebook Messenger for teams. Better yet, GroupMe. Except Slack is better. For all of Slack’s features, head over to their website. And here’s our take on what Slack is, and how it can benefit you.

Have you downloaded Slack yet? It’s one of our favorite tools for communication and staying organized.

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