Many students overlook the various opportunities to network with business professionals. All it takes is one conversation to land an internship or even a full-time job. Networking is key to success in business.

This past Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to hear from marketing professionals from Goodyear’s Marketing Department. Their department is broken up into two sections, Consumer and Commercial. Getting real world advice from people who have been, and are, in the positions we all hope to be in, was awesome. During the visit, they even announced that there will be three marketing internships available this summer to local marketing students.

Some of the great advice I received included:
-Get a mentor
-Get an internship, if possible, multiple
-Stay at a company for 3–5 years. Learn how to survive at a company, learn the business model, and learn about the various positions in the company.
-Work at a company that you like and want to market
-Stay humble and work hard
-Take calculated risks, It’s okay to move laterally.
-Help your company in every way you can, and go all out every day. Hard work pays off.


The following day, I had another great opportunity to attend the Akron chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) ADDY Award Ceremony. The ADDY awards are the AAF’s annual awards celebrating the excellent work local members have produced during the past year. This event was mainly composed of Akron area ad agencies and marketing firms, but even videographers and graphic designers were in attendance.

The first couple of hours were for networking and tasting the delicious local foods. Each person in attendance got a small token and voted for their favorite dish. This was also the time to view the pieces of work up for the awards. One of my favorites was created by 427 Designs. They made an awesome poster like display, containing the logos of local brands in Akron.


During the first couple of hours, there were hundreds of people to talk too. Last week I toured 427 Designs and ipsoCreative, so I found a couple of those employees and sparked up a conversation with them. Networking events like this are perfect for introducing yourself to prospective employers.

Later in the evening, the award show started, and you could see all of the hard work on display. Many of the local agencies I’m familiar with, and even many I never heard of picked up an ADDY or two. This event was a great opportunity to get your foot in the door and make some connections.

Thank you to everyone who made attending these events possible.

By: Alex Siminoff