Guerilla marketing campaigns are clever, innovative, and creative ways to introduce your brand/product to the market. Snap Inc, the creators of Snapchat, went all in with their launch of Spectacles a few months ago. You can read about it here, if you missed it.


In various locations across the country, interactive vending machines began popping up in public places selling Spectacles. These one-of-a-kind vending machines are called Snapbots, which dispense all three colors of Spectacles. The eye turns into a mirror for you to see yourself in the glasses.


You even get a rainbow receipt printed with your purchase. Every detail counts. The experience of just interacting with a Snapbot makes buying these $130 sunglasses truly worth the price.

The first Snapbot was in Venice Beach, CA, near the company’s first headquarters, on November 10. Snap Inc mentioned Spectacles would be sold in a limited release fashion and has only expanded to 10 states, and 20 locations within those states. Southern California and New York City have been the most popular destinations so far.


However, they have started to expand their horizons, and have even had a little fun with it. One of their California locations was atop Skyspace LA. You have to watch this sweet video recorded from Skyspace with Spectacles.


However, Snap Inc didn’t stop there. They have gone as far as advertising in airports with print ads in the bottom of Airport X-ray bins. I’ve never seen anything quite like this. If you want to stir up some buzz, follow in the footsteps of Snap Inc’s Spectacless


The experience of buying Spectacles is totally worth it if you live close to a Snapbot that is. Snap Inc has designed purchasing Spectacles to be a very public and unique experience. By combining a guerilla marketing campaign and word of mouth, Snap Inc has created a huge buzz around the release of Spectacles.

The Spectacles twitter account is filled with awesome videos showing off these cool shades. If you need help finding Spectacles, they’ve even created a map for you. What a fun marketing campaign, I can’t wait to see what’s next from Snap Inc. Good luck, and happy hunting!

By: Alex Siminoff