Half of the Super Bowl viewers watch the game for one simple reason: commercials. I’d have to say it was an underwhelming year for ads. There were too many repeat ads, like the LeBron James Sprite commercial. Because the buzz of these spots is so important, gone are the days of being surprised. A handful had been running on air the week leading up to the game, and nearly half were leaked a week ago through various media outlets. Only a handful of ads were worth watching, especially at the hefty cost of $5 million.

In a previous post, I talked about what makes an ad effective. I will be judging these ads on the same criteria. And for the buzz after the game, I’m also going to throw in how well they did on social media based on these metrics.

Honorable Mentions:

Airbnb re-aired this beautifully timed ad during the Super Bowl, and everyone loved it. The message was amazing, but it was irrelevant to what Airbnb is. I was shocked to not see Wendy’s on anyone’s “Good” list. Let me ask you this: Do you prefer frozen patties? Didn’t think so. I was bold enough to tweet phone companies make the worst ads, but T-Mobile proved me wrong, sort of. Out of all the phone company ads, T-Mobile blew the rest away. Verizon saved $5 million and decided to have a Twitter fight of the ages.

On to the Top 5 we go!

5. Mr. Clean

You can’t deny you weren’t uncomfortable watching this. But you can’t deny you weren’t amused either. Mr. Clean was definitely one of the funnier ads aired during the game. It’s so weird that it’s funny, and it’s so funny that it’s effective. It’s targeting is spot on, and if you’re at the store, Mr. Clean just got the advantage. The copy at the end was excellent. It read, “You gotta love a man who can clean.” I wonder how many gentlemen are going to surprise their wives with Mr. Clean products this Valentine’s Day?

4. Audi

Audi‘s commercials are blowing away the rest of the car industry. Not too long ago, last year’s Super Bowl to be exact, they shared this fascinating commercial about their redesigned R8. Audi had one of the more serious commercials during the broadcast and set out to tackle equal gender pay. It’s another commercial with a story, and it’s growing on me. Watch out Danica Patrick, this girl can drive.

3. Buick

How ironic is it that Cam is back in the Super Bowl? Buick has by far the funniest commercial from the big game. My one friend even said he was tempted to go buy a Buick. They tied in the Buick in the most obvious fashion, but this was way too funny to ignore. Did you see the face of Cam’s dad after that throw?

2. NFL

The NFL or shall I say “No Fun League” might have walked away with one of the best ads of the event. I’d say I’m shocked they didn’t trend on social media, but I’m not. You couldn’t hear Roger Goodell congratulate Robert Kraft because the stadium was echoing with boos. The ad had a timely message and one we should all take note of. Hate to say it, but job well done NFL.

1. Netflix (Stranger Things)

At first, I thought this ad was pointless because it was promoting season 2 which comes out in October. My friend then said, “Well now I want to watch season 1.” DUH! Twitter was blowing up similar comments, and saying how exciting it will be to watch season 2 on Halloween. We ended up talking about Netflix for a solid 20 minutes after. This may not have been controversial or comical, but it sure as hell made people interested in Stranger Things. Oh, and it can only be watched on Netflix.

By: Alex Siminoff