Every day we make decisions. There are decisions that have very little impact on our lives. There are also decisions that change our course of direction for the better or for the worse.

My decision to join the American Marketing Association (AMA) came a few years ago. I had just changed my major to marketing management. I was working downtown as a busser at a restaurant. While I talking with a server, Jeremy Robinson, who was the president of AMA at the time, he enthusiastically told me to join him at an AMA meeting the following week to just check it out.

That next week, I went with Jeremy to the meeting and boy was I hooked! In the past few years, I have encountered knowledge that will stick with me for a lifetime. I have gained interviews after meeting professionals at a networking event. Last Spring, Will Armstrong and I competed together in the Student Start-Up competition, our current friendship is a direct result of AMA. With our AMA National Case Competition, I was able to help facilitate and document a focus group, something that you don’t get to experience in class. In total, I have been involved in four different marketing case competitions on big brands such as Alexa by Amazon, eBay, Icebreakers, and Vitamin Water! I became an AMA member in the fall of 2014 and I will never regret that decision.


As you can imagine, I am not the only one that feels this way. Here are some quotes from current members on why they decided to join AMA:

Sarah Lucas – Sophomore – Marketing Management and IMC Double Major

“I decided to join AMA because I wanted to meet people who were passionate about the same things as I was. So far, I’ve been given networking opportunities within the local marketing community, real-world case study experience, connections to knowledgeable speakers, and a lot of friends!”

Mitch Secaur – Junior – Computer Information Systems Major

“I was looking for a group to join and the AMA had a table set up in the CBA. I grabbed the information about the first meeting. I was still unsure because I am not a marketing major but I went to a meeting and I really liked it! Even though I am not a marketing major the speakers and the real world experience can be used in any major.”

Eric Vlahos – Senior – Marketing Management Major and Sales Management Minor

“I decided to join AMA earlier this year because I wanted to gain opportunities that I normally would never have the chance to experience. This includes to managing the social media presence for a geographically recognized basketball program, completing a national competition case document, and networking with industry experts. I have not only gained my overall experience and exposure in the marketing field, but I’ve also gained valuable friends that I’m currently building a business with. None of this would be possible without AMA”

Craig Dilworth – Freshmen – Marketing Management and Sales Management Double Major

“I decided to join the AMA because my major is marketing and sales management. Also because I wanted to get involved on campus because I wasn’t really involved in many organizations in high school besides sports. While being in AMA I have made many friends and I am learning more and more about marketing.”

Tracy Devlin – Senior – Sales Management

“I decided to join AMA for the experience that it would provide me with marketing. Since I’ve joined I couldn’t be happier! I’ve met amazing people who want to help each other succeed. My personal favorite is the agency tours which allows us to see inside a professional marketing company!”

We will have our first meeting of the semester this Thursday at 8:15 pm to 9:30 pm in the Student Union Room 335. Some things you can expect this semester include working with real clients such as the NBA and networking with area professionals at agency tours and the NSME dinner in March! You will also build relationships with fellow students at #AMAHangouts and interact with companies such as Target, Goodyear, and Spotify.

See you Thursday!

By: Charles Combest