Trend Lists around the start of a new year are like opinions, everyone has them, but are they right, or even relevant? I’ve researched the best, and most thought-out trends across multiple marketing websites ranging from Forbes to Entrepreneur. There are plenty of insights regarding this topic, so I narrowed my search to innovative and common thoughts. Here is my version of the hottest marketing trends in 2017. Do you agree?

1. Mobile Video
Scroll through your Twitter and Facebook feeds and you’ll see more videos than ever. Ever since 2015, mobile video has skyrocketed, far outpacing desktop videos. In fact, 50% of advertisers are shifting budgets from TV to digital video. 2017 will be the year of the video.

2. Augmented and Virtual Reality
Though I’ve yet to experience the thrill of VR, it was one of the biggest breakthroughs in tech last year. However, most of us have prior experience with AR, and it’s only just begun. Siri, Alexa, and Pokémon Go are just a few of the growing list of AR products in the market today. VR and AR can be used for literally anything. Training athletes, movies, remodeling a living space, video games, and of course, ads. The opportunities for brands are limitless here.

3. Native Advertising
Consumers are catching on to advertisers tricks, emphasizing the importance of native advertising. 97% of mobile media buyers report that native ads were either “very” or “somewhat effective” at achieving branding goals. A great example is Facebook’s advertising platform. If positioned correctly, native ads fit perfectly with other content on a user’s feed. It’s organic and doesn’t disrupt the user’s experience.


5. Influencer Marketing
If LeBron James told you to drink Sprite, would you drink Sprite? Well duh. With social media at an all-time high, finding an influencer is crucial for your brand. Celebrity endorsements are one thing, but YouTube stars, for example, make fantastic influencers. Influencers generally like the brand and promote it to your target market in a natural way.

6. Personalization
These days, brands are required to tailor their message to each consumer. It’s essential to have personalized, relevant content with the mass of information available. I love this Forbes article honing in on why personalization is key to growth. If you want to drive growth, make it personal.

7. Live Stream Content
Twitch, Periscope, and more recently, Facebook Live, all took a shot at live stream videos in the past year. What do you think Snap stories and now, Instagram stories, really are? Live stream videos, saved for when you view them. Expect to see plenty of live broadcasts in 2017.

By: Alex Siminoff