Yesterday was the first of three sessions this semester of the very popular Lunch with an Innovator speaker series. We were introduced to Brian Deagan, Founder, and CEO of Human Unlimited. Headquartered in our very own backyard, Akron, OH, Human Unlimited takes a very different and modern approach in targeting its customers.

I’m sure you’ve all heard a version of, “It’s always worth going the extra mile” and that is where Human Unlimited impressed me the most. From its super sleek and informative website to their “out of this world” customized shipping package, Human Unlimited engages with the customer on a whole new level.

Instead of those pathetic plastic bags, HU goes above and beyond with their packaging. As seen from the picture below, they send you a personalized message, a nice little bag, and your product of course. Something this simple has left thousands of people wanting more, and they express it on their Facebook page. With around 1,400 five-star Facebook reviews, Human Unlimited is making a solid impact on the market since they started last year. Customer engagement, whether it be on social media or via email, is truly what makes this brand iconic. Will Nike or Amazon engage with you on that level, let alone provide you with that superb customer satisfaction?


Another fascinating aspect of this company comes from its marketing and brand image. Brian shared with us in detail how they utilize Facebook to promote their philosophy and products. To give you an example, Brian began explained to us why they sell tank tops in winter – crazy right? No, and here’s why; Facebook’s advertising algorithm was built and customized in a way that each message a company sends out is targeted to the ideal customer. In the case of Human Unlimited, those green and pink tanks were being bought all over the southeast and west coast, because that’s where Facebook presented the ads, and that’s where the beaches are. Roughly 90% of Human Unlimited customers are females, but they also have a strong influence on Millennials. The clothing line has a distinct, and quite, frankly provocative messages that empower the customer and triggers an emotional response. These responses they receive are out of this world, impacting lives in a positive manner, despite them being “just another clothing brand.” They have created a strong brand loyalty, and with that strong of a following, they see frequent repeat customers who ultimately post content on social media. This user-generated content posted by customers serves as an excellent tool to advertise and engage with other customers, something Human Unlimited views as one of its core values. You don’t get fourteen hundred 5 star ratings that fast without being the real deal. Also active on Instagram, Human Unlimited maximizes their efforts on social media, targeting what we Millennials love.

As one of the fasting growing companies in northeast Ohio, it’s shocking to think this all started as a Facebook page, which turned into a website, and now a full-scale clothing business looking to make a huge impact on the market next year. I encourage you to check out their website and Facebook page and get your own customized message.

The next Lunch with an Innovator will take place on 10/19 and will feature Vince Mancari, IMC ’13, now with Ipso Creative.

By: Alex Simonoff