On Thursday, September 8th, three Marketing/IMC students from the University of Akron’s College of Business Administration attended Content Marketing World. Content Marketing World is THE conference dedicated to content marketing professionals – marketing/PR professionals in an organization or agency that develop the specific strategy and handle the execution of content marketing tactics. The Taylor Institute was fortunate to receive funding to attend this year and we made sure that students also benefited from the experience. Two of those students shared their experience and have posted both of them on Where Theory Meets Practice. Here is the post from Hali Strub, a senior IMC major.

When I was asked to represent the University of Akron and the Taylor Institute at Content Marketing World, I knew next to nothing about the event. As I read into it and talked to faculty at the University of Akron, I was quickly informed that this was a very big deal, especially for a student. I told a couple of work friends that I would be attending, and they were very jealous.

The conference exceeded my expectations in every way. When I arrived with Ashley Drazkowski, another student from the University of Akron, we went directly into the opening keynote speaker. We heard a comedian, known as Michael Jr., do a short stand-up routine. While he was very funny, he also delivered a very inspirational message. This was the perfect way to start the early morning! After that, we attended a panel discussion about hiring content marketers. We thought that this would be beneficial for us to hear because we will be job-hunting in the very near future. All four panelists agreed that they look for a “great conversationalist” when hiring a content marketer.

We then attended a hilarious session, led by Tim Washer, who encouraged us to think outside of the box. He talked about telling effective stories using video, and defying others expectations. He encouraged us all to take a comedy improvisation class, in order to think better on our toes, and work better in high-stress business situations. He told us to “follow the fear”, which means to pursue the idea that scares you the most.

I feel very honored that I was asked to attend this event. I would highly encourage the Taylor Institute to keep allowing students to attend, and I would highly encourage any student to go to this event if presented with the opportunity. I learned a lot, and I came back to school excited for my future.

By: Hali Strub