Just recently announced, both Apple and Sony are holding press conferences on September 7th in San Francisco and New York. The tech community is anticipating Apple will be releasing the new iPhone and Sony will more than likely be releasing a new version of the PS4, called PlayStation 4 Neo.

All that anyone knows, despite Tim Cook and Apple, is the invitation below, to the event on the 7th.

apple blog post

Rumors have been flying around the past year with new specs and dimensions, but nothing has been confirmed. Not only that, but we aren’t positive the next iPhone will even be released, despite Apple doing so the past three years. Also in contention to be discussed at this event are the new versions of the MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, and iOS 10.

Unlike Apple, there isn’t much surprise in Sony’s press conference. After denying to release the PlayStation 4 Neo at E3 over the summer, this event should be when Sony drops it. This new console was built to adapt to the new wave of Virtual Reality. The device got amped up and is ready to handle 4k TV’s and all of the virtual reality you crave. Who knows, maybe they will shock the tech industry and announce a separate project they have been working on.

Despite the products not being in direct competition with another, the timing of these events makes the 7th of September quite interesting. Who will create a larger buzz? Who will be talking about what on the 8th? What will your twitter feed be filled with? Surely Apple has the upper hand, as they most likely will have more to announce, but don’t be shocked if Sony has an ace up their sleeve. At least I hope they do, if not Apple will drown them out if they announce the release of the new iPhone, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, and iOS 10. Nothing has been confirmed, yet speculation suggests at least two of the four mentioned will be discussed in San Francisco. However, Sony will be talking about virtual reality, and that has become a major trend in both the tech industry and in marketing and advertising, as more advertisers are looking to leverage this technology for their brands. If they have any news regarding VR, they can steal the spotlight away from Apple. Nearly everyone will hear this news in some way or another, but if your scrolling through your twitter feed on the 8th with an iPhone, the answer becomes quite obvious, Apple. With both press conferences scheduled hours apart, these fortune 500 companies will be battling for the front page in the next day’s newspaper.

By: Alex Siminoff