By: Alex Siminoff

Originally posted on STARTUP PANEL.

What if I could tell you that the famous movie, The Matrix, is quickly becoming a reality? I assume you’d  be somewhat confused but I have some news for you; the time has come where this can be possible. Welcome to the world of virtual reality.

Switzerland is famous for its extravagant scenery, but lately, this small European country is receiving huge buzz for its emerging tech industry. What seemed superficial in 1999 when The Matrix was released, is now a reality. Artanim Interactive,  is based out of Geneva, Switzerland, and it’s known for creating virtual reality and 3D technology projects. In other words, it puts you into a virtual simulator similar to The Matrix. This interactive tech company was founded in 2015, and has already made its way into the U.S. They were recently selected to participate in the annual Sundance Film Festival. Check out these awesome videos showing off what Artanim does:

Another extraordinaire company out of Switzerland is Mind Maze. “MindMaze is a neuro-rehabilitation platform that helps stroke victims to recover faster by “fooling” the brain through VR/AR technology,” according to TechCrunch. Similar to Artanim, MindMaze uses its advanced technology to target the health care industry by providing a unique solution to the field. MindMaze successfully secured $10 million from an angel investor, and announced their first valuation to be worth an estimated $1 billion. Give their site a check, because quite frankly, it’s pretty frickin’ sweet.

Other insanely cool VR tech companies are bringing our generation a lot of exciting things. Have you ever wanted to control a spaceship with your head? Well, Owze Games will let you check that off your bucket list. Following in the footsteps of these tech startups, Owze Games launched its first game in 2014, Anshar Wars, and a year late followed Anshar Wars 2, immediately becoming a huge success. You play by controlling your spaceship by moving your head. The use of a game pad, Joystick or WASD keys have vanished, and now instead of a console, you have to welcome the Samsung Gear VR helmet.


Can 2016 become the year where controllers and mouse-pads start to become extinct, and the world of virtual reality is unraveled before our eyes?