By: Alex Siminoff

Originally posted on STARTUP PANEL.

Elon Musk emerged into the business world like any other entrepreneur, and has never looked back. His career in business is heavily technology oriented, and according to Forbes, he is the fifteenth richest person in the technology field. Here is how he became worth $11.3 billion dollars and the 38th most powerful person in the world.

Musk began the groundbreaking company of SpaceX and eventually took over Tesla Motors. These leading edge companies have redefined the business world in an innovative and creative way. SpaceX sends civilians to space and is also advancing space exploration like never before. SpaceX is one of the first commercial companies to try to send people to space and build rockets. They obtained a partnership with NASA, which has helped the company advance its space exploration in numerous ways over the past couple years. During the StartmeupHK Festival in Hong Kong this past week, Musk unveiled Mars’ plans for the future and wants to go to space by 2020. As previously worked on, he plans to upgrade super-heavy rockets, as well as star-ships that could ferry large numbers of people from Earth to Mars.

Musk’s work there translated to Tesla, which is the company he is vastly known for. He is the pioneer of the electric car and even got Mercedes and Toyota to become long-term investors in his company. He plans on releasing the Model 3 in the upcoming months, and just released pricing options in the UK. He discusses Apple as a rival on an article on BBC, and even says, “Mr Musk outlined a vision of a future where all cars would be electric and autonomous, and driving yourself would become a hobby rather than a necessity.”

His amazing work has lead to numerous inventions on the cutting edge of technology, one of which is called HyperLoop. This form of transportation is from Las Angeles to San Francisco via a hypothetical subsonic air travel machine, and is set to begin construction this year if all goes well. Teams from around the world will gather at College Station, Texas to show off their best ideas for a pod for the hypothetical tube-based transportation system. Plenty of private companies are working on designs and test tracks, increasing the competition for the first working design. This state of the art transportation technology is projected to generate millions in revenue according to Forbes.

Musk also invested money into Open AI, a not-for-profit artificial intelligence research company. He plans to change the mindset of humans who think artificial intelligence is bad, and show the world all the wonders they can provide. Elon Musk is an innovator and he is changing the world; one inspiring act at a time.