Ralph Lauren is in the news again for another incorporation of cutting edge technology into its businesses. The brand has already created a smart shirt and hosted a 4-D holographic fashion show, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that they have found yet another way to push the industry forward.

Working with Oak Labs, a tech startup, the brand created a smart mirror for its fitting rooms. The mirror detects all clothing brought into the fitting room through RFID chips and then displays all types of details about the piece. Customers can also ping a sales representative for help with any piece of clothing, in addition to asking for style advice and “ordering” clothing items to be brought straight to their fitting room.

The mirror has five different language settings and can control the lighting in the fitting room to fit customers’ preferences. Ralph Lauren has plans to roll this technology out to all of its other high profile stores in the coming months.

This is just the latest example of incorporating the latest technology into the shopping experience and is undoubtedly the shopping experience of the future.